Make the Most of Oxford When Ole Miss is Away

Make the Most of Oxford When Ole Miss is Away

When there’s an away football game, you might be wondering how in the world you’ll be able to fill your weekend with plans since you won’t be heading to the game to cheer on the Rebs. Thankfully, Oxford has plenty to do during these off-weekends, even if that means ditching the Grove. Sometimes these weekends are the best because the Square isn’t as busy. This means you can get into your favorite restaurants without a long wait and usually avoid paying a cover for the bars.


If you’re looking for some farm-fresh veggies or homemade jams and salsa, definitely check out the Midtown Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. Opening at 7 a.m. and closing at 11 a.m. for the day, the market is located in the Midtown Shopping Center (right by the YMCA and Big Bad Breakfast). This is sure to get you in the fall mood while you look at every color of pumpkin and listen to live music from some local bands.


There are plenty of trails throughout Oxford if you’re looking to burn some calories this weekend. From the Bailey Wood’s Trail that goes between Rowan Oak and the University Museum and the out and back loop at Whirlpool Trails,  to the path around the lake at Lamar Park, there are plenty of ways to get your steps in for the weekend.


Explore the rich history Oxford has to offer by touring William Faulkner’s house Rowan Oak. The grounds are free to walk around and admission to the house is only $5 per person. Check out the hours here so you can make sure to fit it into your weekend schedule!


Especially if the weather isn’t the greatest, spend some time brushing up on your bowling skills at Oxford Premier Lanes. With a movie theater and arcade attached, this place is loaded with fun and can provide some friendly competition while you cheer on Ole Miss right here in Oxford.


If you’re looking for a lowkey weekend with a good book, be sure to head to Square Books to check out the latest bestsellers, stories focused on the South and just about everything in between. Explore every nook and cranny of this two-story bookstore and enjoy a cup of coffee from the coffee bar on the upstairs porch while getting a start on your book.


With Oxford being less busy, now would be the perfect time to go try on that shirt you’ve walked past a hundred times in the window of your favorite shop on the Square. Without cutting into your Grove time, this weekend is a great opportunity to find that perfect fall or gameday outfit for the next home game.



Even though the Grove isn’t filled with hundreds of tents and the Vaught isn’t being locked, there is still plenty of things to take advantage in Oxford when the Rebels are on the road! Even if you’re not watching the game in person, there are plenty of restaurants and bars on the Square where you can watch the game with your friends and family.